Where the draws are the most

A few days ago I decided to check in which football championships around the world the draw occurs most frequently and I must admit I was surprised by the results I got. Some of my preliminary expectations came true, others not so much, but more about this a little later.

To check where the draws are the most common ending I used the betting database of the site betexplorer. From there I wrote down the percentage of the draws in the last three seasons.

My initial expectations were that in the lower Italian leagues the percentages of the draws will be highest, but it turned out that even though it is really high there, there are championships where the percentage is even higher.

Will you be surprised if I tell you that in the championship of Morocco, in the last three seasons, the average percentage of draws in matches is about 37? This means that every bet for a draw on odds higher than 2.7 is fully justified. Of course, the bookies are well aware of this and therefore the proposals for draws in Morocco are not particularly high. For example, for today’s match between Maghreb Fez and Hassania Agadir bet365 offers odds for a draw of 2.63, Bet at Home gives 2.5 and William Hill – 2.6.

However, the bets on draws there are not quite unjustified. In Morocco, there are teams that end the season with draws of nearly 60% of the matches. If you bet on such a team, even with odds of 2.5 for a draw you would gain profit of nearly 50% with flat betting.

Other leagues in which the draws are common are the championships of Iran, where the average rate is 33%, Honduras, Argentina and Ligue 2 in France, where the draw percentage is 32%.

Of course in this championships the bookies like bet365, William Hill and Bet at Home again are in line with the reality and offer much lower odds for a draw than in the other leagues.

However, I believe this statistics is useful and can be an interesting source of information about different betting systems. It is up to you to find one and to start gaining profit from it.

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