Betting prediction for Chelsea vs Galatasaray

The UEFA Champions League is now in its decisive phase as this week we will see the last matches of the second round of the 1/8 finals of the tournament. Four teams have already done the needed to qualify for the quarterfinals and these teams are FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid and PSG. In the next two days the remaining 4 from the best eight teams in Europe will be determined.

One of the most exciting matches we are going to see is the one between Chelsea and Galatasaray. As of today, Chelsea seems to be the only team from the Premier League, which has real chances to continue forward as they made a draw (1:1) in the first match between these two teams. The match in Istanbul was very interesting and which is more important it was a quite close match. If you look at the statistics you will see that both teams were able to create nine goal attempts and the shots on goal were 5 to 4 in Chelsea’s favor.

How will the today’s match go? Almost all the analysts worldwide expect the winner of the match to be the team from London. They have the advantage of a goal scored away from home, which means that if Chelsea’s players succeed to keep a clean sheet, they will qualify for the next phase of the tournament. It is highly unlikely to find a better than Chelsea (or more accurately said a team managed by Jose Mourinho) team which to play better in situations like this one.

It is almost certain that Chelsea will come out on the field with the wisest and most peaceful tactic possible. They will try to limit to a minimum Galatasaray’s players’ chances. The British know that at some point the Turkish giants will need to risk more and more, which will expose them and give excellent opportunities for a successful counterattack.

Of course, it is also unlikely for Galatasaray’s players to start the match with wild attacks. The team from Istanbul is full with experienced players like Didier Drogba and Wesley Sneijder, who know that a similar tactic could be suicidal against a team led by Jose Mourinho. This is why they are also expected to be patient and to wait for the right moment and only then to attack with full forces.

All said above makes a bet with no goals scored in the first half an attractive bet. bet365 offers odds of 3.25 for this which makes it a good enough bet with a small amount and this is what I am going to bet for this match.

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