Betting for the big guns will lead you to an empty bank account

A few weeks ago we wrote here about a betting statistic which covered betting systems which back underdogs in football matches in England. The conclusion we made was that in the long run you can count on a small but relatively secure profit. Moreover, the profit could be even bigger if you are good enough when using money management. For our post, the source of the information was a betting site in which we just recently found another similar statistical information with information about the reversed type of betting. This statistic answers the question what will happen if a punter decides to back only the favorites in England?

This question has a quick answer and it is that this punter is going to lose a lot of money.

The system for backing the favorites is the same as the other one. Again we should create a small betting bank for each team with eight units for betting. The moment when a particular team’s bank gets empty we no longer bet for the given team. We bet as long as we have money in the team’s bank.

In this type of betting we bet on 109 teams through the season or in other words we have a betting bank of 872 units. As we can see from the betting statistic at the end of the season the punter will have a cumulative loss of more than 86 units. For comparison, the statistics showed that backing the underdogs will bring a total profit of approximately 17 units.

This statistic shows once again that the stakes for the favorites in a match are a short cut to losing money. Probably the main reason for that lies in the popularity of such bets, which allows the bookies to put a large part of their margin on the lower odds.

What conclusion should we make from all this? It will be most likely about the fact that betting on underdogs, respectively betting on higher rates offers much higher profit opportunities compared to betting on the favorites.

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